EP.7 - De-Cluttering and User Xperience in Design

Insightful talk with Senior product designer at Salesforce Heroku, Lenora Porter on Declustering bad designs and improving User xperience in designs while giving take-home tips to product designers and developers looking to grow and improve in their career field.
Show Notes:
  • Meet Lenora (01:42
  • What is your perspective to User xperience? (05:27)
  • Product design  (07:20)
  • What is bad UX to you ? (09:32)  
  • What are the pointers to help one identify bad UX ? (11:19)
  1. Bad User Interface (U.I) 
  2. Accessibility  Bad Code 
  • What are the things to consider when de-cluttering bad design (13:49)
  • User data (14:35
  • User Accessibility (16:30)  
  • Visual Hierarchy (17:30
  • User research and re-iteration (18:20
  • How long do you have to give an interval before getting user research on implemented changes (19:07)
  • How do designer propose to their organizations the art of embracing of good UX on its products ? (21:21)
  • How do developers working on teams without a dedicated designer get to influence great design decisions ? (25:28)
  • How does one go about decluttering a bad design in terms of accessibility ? (29:50)
  • Big advice to designers and developers looking to grow in their field (31:29)
  • 5 questions in 20 seconds with Lenora (36:00)
  • Dev Noir (38:20)
Extra Notes:

intro and outro music: bensound - dubstep

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