EP.6 - Fighting Imposter Syndrome and BurnOuts

Imposter syndrome and BurnOut feelings tend to lead to a lot more complicated scenarios with very few people knowing how to tackle either or bounce out back out of them. This episode gives tips and insights on how to tackle the feeling of being an imposter or getting burnt-out with work.
Show Notes:
  1. Admit it / Own up to it (15:10
  2. Don't push yourself too hard (15:54
  3. Reach out to others (17:15
  4. Be Positive (22:37
  5. Learn to change some rules (25:11
  6. Visualize your success (26:20
  7. Reward your little wins (28:19
  8. Fake it till you make it (29:06)  
  • What does it mean to feel Burnt Out ? (31:00
  • How to identify being burnt out (35:48)
  • Tips to tackle Burn Outs: 
  1. Admit it / Own up to it (38:40
  2. Take a break (39:40
  3. Eat healthy (41:21
  4. Sleep (42:55
  5. Exercise (44:00
  6. Remember why your work doesn't suck (44:50
  7. Set Goals for yourself (46:23
  8. Don't Stress (46:58
  9. Outsource (47:12
  10. Have FUN! (48:22
Extra Notes:

Get Inspired to tackle Imposter syndrome with this: Twitter thread by Kolokodess and Medium Article by Ore Ogundipe 

intro and outro music: bensound - dubstep

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