EP.5 - My Experience leading software engineering teams

Software Engineer and Engineering lead at Brainspace Ventures Group, Omolara Adejuwon, who also led and was among the founding engineering team at Gokada , shares her experience and learnings leading engineering teams; the good, the bad and the ugly.
Show Notes:
  • How did you respond to your first task as an engineering lead? (10:00)
  • What are the expected traits and qualities of a good engineering lead? (12:30)
  • Can a C.T.O also play the role of an engineering lead? (15:53
  • How do you determine if a project is at risk to your team and company as an engineering lead?(17:55
  • How do you calm a stormy situation in your team? (21:34)
  • Ever experienced any form of insurbodination due to gender or field experience? (26:22)
  • What do you look out for while adding a new member to your team? (28:37)
  • What metrics do you use in measuring your team's performance? (31:14
  • Any worse moments as an engineering lead? (37:30)
  • What are the things you know now that you wished you knew before hand? (39:28)
  • Would you advice intending engineering leads to attend bootcamps/trainings on it or learn on the job?(43:44)
  • What are your best practices to leading engineering teams? (46:28
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