EP.3 - Code Refactoring

Software developer at Andela, Ikechi Micheal,  takes us through the concept and steps of code refactoring while throwing more light and answers to frequently asked questions on refactoring code.
Show Notes:
  • What is code refactoring? (05:26)
  • Mob programming (06:26)
  • When to refactor code? (08:00
  • Reasons to continually refactor code (11:52
  • Methods and approachs to code refactoring (14:20)
  1. Follow Styling guides (14:40)
  2. Logical seperation of classes and files (15:23
  3. Repository service pattern (16:40
  • Does code refactoring also affect an application's UI design? (21:41)
  • Who should refactor code? (23:41)
  • How does one suggest code refactoring on a particular application to Product / Project manager / Technical heads or engineering team leads? (27:00
  • Best practices to code refactoring (29:04)
  • Automated code refactoring with IDE's (31:56)
  • Benefits of code refactoring (35:33)
  • Need to carry out unit tests during code refactoring (37:45)

- Extra resource: https://www.openlearning.com/courses/... an excerpt from _Refactoring_ by Martin Fowler

intro and outro music: bensound - dubstep

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