EP.12 - Marketing for Developers

For every potential billion-dollar idea, there's more to it's product build than having the right design and software architecture, as Developers understanding and utilizing the basic skills and guide to marketing plays a major role in user accumulation and retention on your product. Taslim Okunola , Product Marketing manager, Consumer apps, Sub-saharan Africa at Google gives starter insights, guides and tips for developers to grow their marketing skills on products built.
Show Notes:
  • Meet Taslim (01:52
  • What is marketing to developers (03:10)
  • Why do developers need to have an understanding of marketing (05:23)
  • How do you introduce marketing skills as a developer for your small scale products? (07:30)
  • What are the right places or platforms to reaching out to potential product users? (09:46
  • At what stage of building your product do you have to introduce aspects of marketing? (13:03)
  • How do you create a niche for your product in a competitive market? (16:28)
  • For product user acceptance; how do you approach your target market? (18:38)
  • Is there a disadvantage to starting out product marketing firstly with social media marketing ? (20:20)
  • How does marketing help create nice product pitches when pitching to investors? (21:53)
  • When's the right time to pitch a product? (23:10)
  • Tips, tools and resources to guide developers on gaining marketing skills (24:41)

Extra Notes:
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