EP.14 - Building a Blockchain Startup

With Blockchain ranking amongst the top tech trends lately, this episode has Tomiwa Lasebikan, a Software Engineer and Co-founder at BuyCoins Africa give insights into the untold story behind running a start up in the blockchain space, from the uncertainties to the risks, security measures, vulnerabilities and several others. BuyCoins Africa is trading service that enables users trade cryptocurrency instantly with no wait time.
Show Notes:
  • Meet Tomiwa(02:29
  • What is BuyCoins Africa About? (03:29)
  • What brought about the idea for you and your co-founders to take on building BuyCoins Africa? (04:09)
  • How does Cryptocurrency and Blockchain differ? (06:53)
  • How daunting was it at your first trial while building out the startup? (10:30)
  • In January (2019), Your team hit $2M in transaction, how did that feel? (12:24)
  • How has the hiring/recruitment process for your team been? (12:52)
  • How would you describe the Blockchain development culture in Nigeria? (16:11)
  • How does your team mitigate the risks involved in building a startup in your business ecosystem? (18:30)
  • How does your team deal with security and vulnerability in your field? (23:06)
  • What regulatory bodies are your startup governed by? (25:30)
  • What are some of the actions you expect of the regulatory bodies? (27:13)
  • How does your team mitigate Fraud? (28:22)
  • What was the process and experience like for your team, being selected into Ycombinator? (30:34)
  • Would you contribute your investors' network to Ycombinator? (34:16)
  • Are there times you and your co-founders have gotten really frustrated along the line? (35:25)
  • How has it been working with your teammates? (37:58)
  • What's has been the most disapproving feedback you have gotten from users/customers? (41:25)
  • Any available resources for potential Blockchain developers? (43:27)
  • Any advice for potential founders in the blockchain space?(45:16)
Extra Notes:
  • Find out more about BuyCoins Africa here
  • Connect with Tomiwa via tomiwa@buycoins.africa
  • Join our slack channel here 
  • intro and outro music: bensound - dubstep

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