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EP. 15 - 10x Developers or Not?

Who really is a 10x developer? In this episode we bring on a group of Software developers who get to analyze and share their different perspectives on the concept of a 10x developer. A myth or not?

EP.14 - Building a Blockchain Startup

With Blockchain ranking amongst the top tech trends lately, this episode has Tomiwa Lasebikan, a Software Engineer and Co-founder at BuyCoins Africa give insights into the untold story behind running a start up in the blockchain space, from the uncertainties to the risks, security measures, vulnerabilities and several others. BuyCoins Africa is trading service that enables users trade cryptocurrency instantly with no wait time.

EP.13 - Yorlang : A Programming language in local dialect

It's like JavaScript but in the Nigerian Yoruba dialect! "YORLANG" was created by Anuoluwapo, a software Engineer at Konga, one of Nigeria's leading E-commerce companies. A programming language built out of fun and curiosity to help breakdown code concepts in his local dialect while creating a more fun learning environment.

EP.12 - Marketing for Developers

For every potential billion-dollar idea, there's more to it's product build than having the right design and software architecture, as Developers understanding and utilizing the basic skills and guide to marketing plays a major role in user accumulation and retention on your product. Taslim Okunola , Product Marketing manager, Consumer apps, Sub-saharan Africa at Google gives starter insights, guides and tips for developers to grow their marketing skills on products built.

EP.11 - Dealing with depression at work

Lately lots of emphasis have been placed on improving one's mental health plus well-being and on this episode, we focus on dealing with depression at the workplace as individuals and tips on how to come out stronger in a healthy way.

EP.10 - Botpisodes

Meet Shalvah, a Software Engineer at Deimos Cloud, and the brain behind viral twitter bots; "This Vid", "Remind me Of This" and others. Previously a Software Engineer at Konga, we engage in a conversation on his bots, the technical processes involved, his work life and lots more while also answering random questions from followers on Twitter.

EP.9 - Leaving The African Tech Ecosystem; the right thing to do?

A delicate talk on the recent outflux of Tech talents from the African Tech ecosystem with Senior Software Engineer at About You, Neo Ighodaro, also the Founder of CreativityKills and previously Chief Technical Officer at Hotels.ng. We also get exclusive information as regards his new role at About You in Hamburg, Germany and his future plans for the African Tech community.

EP.8 - Welcome to 2019!

It's 2019!  What other exciting way to start it than a special episode to usher in the new year and let you in on exciting activities through the podcast and the entire forLoop Africa family, for the year!

EP.7 - De-Cluttering and User Xperience in Design

Insightful talk with Senior product designer at Salesforce Heroku, Lenora Porter on Declustering bad designs and improving User xperience in designs while giving take-home tips to product designers and developers looking to grow and improve in their career field.

EP.6 - Fighting Imposter Syndrome and BurnOuts

Imposter syndrome and BurnOut feelings tend to lead to a lot more complicated scenarios with very few people knowing how to tackle either or bounce out back out of them. This episode gives tips and insights on how to tackle the feeling of being an imposter or getting burnt-out with work.

EP.5 - My Experience leading software engineering teams

Software Engineer and Engineering lead at Brainspace Ventures Group, Omolara Adejuwon, who also led and was among the founding engineering team at Gokada , shares her experience and learnings leading engineering teams; the good, the bad and the ugly.

EP.4 - Machine learning in it's minified glory

Machine learning enthusiast and Software Engineer at ExpressPay Ghana, Ore Ogundipe, who also heads forLoop cities throws more light on machine learning; getting started, concepts, libraries etc while answering some FAQ's about machine learning (M.L).

EP.3 - Code Refactoring

Software developer at Andela, Ikechi Micheal,  takes us through the concept and steps of code refactoring while throwing more light and answers to frequently asked questions on refactoring code.

EP.2 - Landing your first job as an entry level developer

Just started learning to code and looking to get your first job as a full time developer or intern? This episode gives interesting tips and insights to help secure a job or gig as an entry level developer.

EP.1 - Life as a Nigerian techie living in the Nigerian environment

Our first episode throws some light on the daily challenges Nigerian software developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance analyst etc face while practicing their skills in the Nigerian environment.

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