EP.10 - Botpisodes

Meet Shalvah, a Software Engineer at Deimos Cloud, and the brain behind viral twitter bots; "This Vid", "Remind me Of This" and others. Previously a Software Engineer at Konga, we engage in a conversation on his bots, the technical processes involved, his work life and lots more while also answering random questions from followers on Twitter. 

Show Notes:

- Meet Shalvah (02:37) 

-What is Deimos Cloud about? (04:34)

- How is a typical day at work for you? (06:29)

- How has the experience in Software Engineering been? (07:37)  

- What brought about the idea in building your bots ? (11:49)

- What technologies did you build each with ? (20:13)

- What languages were they built with ? (22:54)

- Were there other APIs used in building each or solely Twitter's API?  (23:27)

- For one looking to build with Twitter's APIs, are there several APIs by Twitter, one can use to achieve specific functions or solely a generic API? (25:16)

- What are the underlying processes for when a user makes a request to your bots? (26:53)

- What has been your experience building with Twitter APIs? (31:00)

- Were you expecting any of your products to gain this much traction? (32:38)

- How were you able to scale each product as your requests grew? (34:11)

- What has been the most weirdest/random user feedback you've gotten on your bots? (36:40)

- How do you get the time to do all that you do while working full time? (38:08)

-Random Question and Answer time from Twitter followers (39:25)

- 5 questions in 20 seconds with Shalvah(53:44)

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